Angel Blackwood's Bad Crossing line drawing

October 20, 2022

‘Bad crossing over the River Fal at high tide, April 1970’

...was written underneath, followed by the initials ‘AB’.


This is a small riverscape of Malpas Point I drew many years ago that inspired the line drawing of Angel's that helps put Sangster on the scent. It was actually done to be printed on the front of Christmas cards, and I came across the original quite by chance during the time I was writing the book (the drawing was tucked behind some other pictures in an old cardboard folder). By the water's edge, at very end of the point below the Ferryman's cottage, you can just see the stone 'Waiting Room', where Pasco sits and listens out for would be ferry passengers ringing his bell ("when he's not in the pub," as Sangster informs Sarah).



Note: All images shown here property of Lewis Hinton.